“My First Christmas” – Feature Film

2nd Assistant Director

Christmas is my favorite time of year, and this January and March, I got to make a family film about it. I teamed up with fellow NYU alum and collaborator 1st Assistant Director Mattheau O’Brien (aka the Notorious MOB) to work on a real whirlwind production,  “My First Christmas”.  After a week of prep and scouting, we shot all over the Hudson Valley for several packed weeks, pulled long hours and stretched our resources every which way we could to make this low budget holiday film come to life.

As 2nd Assistant Director I spent most days running our back stage “holding” locations (got to know a lot of church basements very well), put our actors through hair, makeup, wardrobe (the “works”), planned the next day’s call sheet and schedule, distributed and collected all daily info and paperwork, didn’t lose a single walkie talkie (point of pride) put out any fires that came up, worked out transportation with production and our drivers, and as O’Brien’s right hand man, tackled any other tasks he needed taken care of with my army of helpful Production Assistants.

Along with the working the paperwork and logistics, I got to meet and work with an incredible array of lovely and talented people, from well known (but down to earth) actors and producers, to all the hardworking crew who made everything look and function spectacularly, to local background extras who wanted to see what moviemaking was all about.

I couldn’t have done it without our fantastic partners in production, Production Coordinator Skylar Apter, Co-Producer Jon Keeyes, our PAs and Mattheau O’Brien for bringing me on this wild ride with everyone else who put all hands on deck every single day.