Production Designer

Rock n’ Roll, mayhem, destruction, historical relevance… what more can you want in a music video? Alex Crowe and I have worked together on tons of sets over the years and he’s ridiculously capable in everything camera, grip, and electric, and is always filled with great energy and ideas.  He even shot a spec commercial of mine “Dream Bed” for 1800 Mattress.  After seeing some of the artwork I had done on “Whatever Happened to Amelia Earhart” and other shoots, he approached me about Production Designing a hard rock music video for the band Headgun.  When he told me the song title was “Killdozer” I remembered a crazy media phenomenon from a couple years back when a disgruntled government employee built a fortified tank out of a bulldozer and destroyed half of a town in a psychotic rampage.  When he told me this was what the music video was gonna be I signed on immediately.  We decided to build flats to create the interior of the “Killdozer” and painted and textured them with housepaint, sand, fuller’s earth and spray paint to make them look like concrete slabs connected by steel girders. We filled the space with a fan, camouflague mesh, aluminum piping, and all things grimy and heavy metal. With the high energy band and their equipment rocking away, it’s truly something to behold.