Producer/ Assistant Director

My frequent collaborators Sean Ireland and Julia Nathan and I wanted to do another pop culture parody and Sean decided to delve into the world of highly anticipated Hollywood sequels by exploring how awful it would be if “Lord of the Rings” and “The Hobbit” director Peter Jackson got everyone on board to do ANOTHER sequel without anyone having read the complicated book or knowing what the hell it was about.

We received a grant from College Humor’s newest alternative comedy channel CH2 to produce the video. Sean came up with the premise, we perfected the script together and I brought on the cast and crew of filmmakers and comedians with the help of Julia Nathan to bring this baby to life.

We filmed at Deverge’s NYC Studio Space over the course of one day, cheating different sections of the space to create a variety of different “preproduction”-type settings for our fake “behind the scenes” video.  This allowed us to maximize our time for shooting and working with actors by eliminating transportation.

Special thanks goes to Deverge LLC for making their NYC Studio Space so accessible to us, and many thanks to the friends who lent us their prop weapons, costumes and Lord of the Rings memorabilia.  Our DP Jim Turner and B-camera man  John Rosati filmed so much so quickly (one day to shoot it all!), Tara Gonzalez worked wonders on a small budget securing props, costumes and set dressing to really sell our world,  and it was great to team up with Talysha Hazelton (make up) and Andy Zou (sound mixer) who also worked their magic on our House of Cards Parody video.

It was great teaming up with such a talented cast of comedians, some I’ve known for a while, and others who became new friends.  I’m always thrilled when such talented people say yes to working together and it’s always a fun challenge scheduling everyone and everything into our production parameters.

As expected, our video generated some controversy amongst Tolkien fans and critics alike, but I’m glad it got folks talking and laughing and I wouldn’t have it any other way.  Now if Peter Jackson DOES make this sequel we get a piece of it, right???