My writer pals and I were so excited about season 2 of Netflilx’s House of Cards that we decided to shoot our own trailer based on what Netflix might think it’s viewers wanted to see, the TONS OF DOG MURDER they couldn’t get enough of in season one. [Continue Reading…]

Camera Op

Written, filmed and finished in a single 24 hour span and premiering at midnight the same day, “A New McDonald’s”  was a blast to make and watch, and soon you can see it too. I had the pleasure of taking part in the production of a short comedy action sequence (Directed by Ryan Hunter) that ended up in this wonderfully silly feature-length movie, comprised of scenes made by over a hundred different people on the same day, SIMULTANEOUSLY from sections of an original script. [Continue Reading…]

“Story By” Credit

When I heard the announcement that J.J. Abrams was put in charge of the two iconic science fiction franchises, “Star Trek” AND “Star Wars”, I found the concentration of all this filmic responsibility in one person… laughably unsettling. [Continue Reading…]


When Canadian Astronaut Chris Hadfield achieved internet fame for his series of zero-gravity demonstrations of life in space, my collaborator Sean Ireland couldn’t help but wonder what it might be like for the star man after he returned to earth.  So we made these videos… [Continue Reading…]


What if people wanted to see the Veronica Mars movie NOW- not next year and didn’t care HOW it got made or by WHO?  What if someone were willing to make it by the end of the week for a few thousand rubles  [Continue Reading…]


“When Lady and The Tramping Goes Wrong”

We all know you can fall in love and kiss over a strand of spaghetti-But what about a 3 foot meatball sub? That’s the question explored in [Continue Reading…]


I was very happy to work on this collaboration with James, Nicky and Sean of the Unlikely Allies. Bringing in an outside performer, Kirin McCrory, into the mix and having all 3 members on screen at the same time meant a lot of work building the dynamic of a rapid fire 4 person discussion, with most of them talking all at once. [Continue Reading…]


After working with Anna Drezen on “Salon Snippits – Bat Sh*t Crazy Birthday!” we decided to collaborate again on a darkly satirical commercial parody she had in mind.  Set to mock the absurd and condescending tone of advertisements for feminine hygiene products [Continue Reading…]


I was thoroughly impressed with The Unlikely Allies’ (James Clark, Nicky Young and Sean Ireland) very funny, very polished writing and performing style, when a mutual friend of ours, Max Ash asked me to help out on their Kickstarter fundraising video . When they surpassed their fundraising goal they asked me to come on board to direct and I’ve been very happy with the collaboration. [Continue Reading…]

Subway Sandwiches “The Loop” Ep.1-3

Art Director

I’m a huge fan of web series, sandwiches and time travel (not necessarily in that order) so my involvement on this shoot was a no-brainer.  Subway Restaurants and IFC sponsored this 3-part web series [Continue Reading…]

Goosey’s Big Movie

Puppet Builder/Puppeteer

After production designing Dead Panda Comedy’s TV Pilot (elsewhere on this site), one of the cast members, Gabriel Lachs, asked me to work on his upcoming NYU Thesis Film “Goosey’s Big Movie”.  He was impressed with the Salmon Mayor Puppet I built and was planning a whole cast of puppets to populate his film. [Continue Reading…]

Dead Panda Comedy TV Pilot

Production Designer

The guys at Dead Panda Comedy are always producing funny new content with an absurd point of view.  After Production Designing their webseries pilot for MSN they asked me to costume and design their next big venture, a half hour TV Pilot with some crazy new sketches and transition sequences. [Continue Reading…]

Cupid Academy

Production Designer

Lissette Feliciano has an incredible visual imagination.  It’s the reason she’s arted several of my own productions and it’s why when she asked me to Production Design her NYU Advanced Thesis Film I said yes.  Of course she had to shoot an extravagant romantic comedy fantasy for her final film and I was glad to be put to the challenge of bringing this “Cupid comes to earth” story to life. [Continue Reading…]

Director/Writer/Editor/Production Designer

I’ve always been a fan of space travel, both historical and sci-fi, so I decided to finally make an astronaut film myself. The inspiration for Adrift came from a 1984 photo of astronaut Bruce McCandless on one of the 1st untethered space walks [Continue Reading…]

Director/Writer/Editor/Production Designer

This film is based off an idea that I couldn’t get out of my head, a person covered in newspaper reading a newspaper.  I decided to write and direct a story in which a person from our world discovers a hidden civilization of newspaper people, and the marvelous possibilities and problems that could arise when the two worlds collide [Continue Reading…]

Production Designer

Jeff Blake was the Assistant Director on the comedy horror short “Spexy”, was a lot of fun to work with and kept a cool head all the way through some long night shoots.  When he was prepping his short “Call to the Pen” he appreciated the thorough art work I had done on “Spexy” and the dedication of “The Newspaper Girl” and asked me to Art Design and costume his baseball film. [Continue Reading…]


Production Designer

Ben Coleman has a great dark sense of humor and we got to know each other very well at New York Film Academy’s 6 week Film and Digital Workshop. A friend of mine and great DP, Oliver Anderson, told me he was shooting an American Psycho themed short and was looking for a Production Designer [Continue Reading…]

Production Designer

I had seen some of Jon Truei’s work online before but hadn’t really met him in person until he contacted me out of the blue oned day to see if I’d help him on a short film he had come up with.  A big fan of genre films and special effects, he had enjoyed my 16mm short “The Newspaper Girl” and wanted to see if I would be able to build him an airplane [Continue Reading…]

Dead Panda Comedy: Amateurs – Pilot for MSN

Production Designer

Early on at NYU several friends of mine with a taste for outrageous and absurd humor created the sketch comedy group Dead Panda Comedy. I worked in various capacities on several of their short sketches doing everything from boom op, camera work and puppeteering a violently alcoholic fake baby.  When several of their videos went viral (Billion Views, Sunday Night Starcraft ) [Continue Reading…]


I wrote, directed and edited this spec ad for a contest for . This was filmed the summer “Inception” came out so the film had a clear influence on the concept of a “dream within a dream” mixed with some absurd [Continue Reading…]

Production Designer

Rock n’ Roll, mayhem, destruction, historical relevance… what more can you want in a music video? [Continue Reading…]