“My First Christmas” – Feature Film

2nd Assistant Director

Christmas is my favorite time of year, and this January and March, I got to make a family film about it. I teamed up with [Continue Reading…]

Producer/ Assistant Director

My frequent collaborators Sean Ireland and Julia Nathan and I wanted to do another pop culture parody and Sean decided to delve into the world of highly anticipated Hollywood sequels by exploring how awful it would be if “Lord of the Rings” and “The Hobbit” director Peter Jackson got everyone on board to do ANOTHER sequel without [Continue Reading…]

Assistant Director – 3 spots

Everyone on these Super Bowl-themed Digiorno Pizza branded content videos was a joy to work with, EXCEPT FOR THE PIZZA.  Pizza is a DIVA.  It’s only photogenic for a minuscule window of time once it’s cooked, so we rehearsed the lines, finished blocking, tweaked the art and lights, everything… AND THEN bring in the pizza for it’s closeup.

Aside from the pizza, we had 5 principal actors and 8 background players [Continue Reading…]

Associate Producer

Open the door for strangers, and let Christmas in!

This Christmas I teamed up with Improv Everywhere and Target to deliver a spontaneous interactive musical performance for an unsuspecting family in New Jersey.

Now here’s where I reveal a secret: [Continue Reading…]

Assistant Director

I got to team up with the rapper T.I. , my buddies at Deverge and UCB and the good people at Footaction to prank unsuspecting customers with a surprise shopping spree- only things don’t go as planned when they get to the cash register… [Continue Reading…]


Episode 1 - Broken Artist // Starring: Jeremy Boros, Russell Peck, Sean Clark

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Creator (Writer/Director/Producer/Editor)

Soon after Instagram debuted it’s 15 second video feature, some fellow NYU grads and I created Artistically Challenged, an adventure-comedy series written, directed, and shot exclusively for Instagram, the first of it’s kind. [Continue Reading…]

Assistant Director

I had the great opportunity to team up with the Above Average team, Verizon (cable) and the very funny actor/writer/director duo Tripp&Tyler to create a series of 5 fake cheesy lawyer commercials, branded content promoting Version’s new DVR.  We shot back-to-back spots on [Continue Reading…]

Assistant Director

After Associate Producing and Producing for Improv Everywhere and the Deverge guys for a while, I got the incredible opportunity to help run an actual Improv Everywhere event and it was incredible.

The maestro of it all, Charlie Todd, describes it best on his site “We staged a fake [Olympic] torch run in the middle of Manhattan, giving random New Yorkers a chance to carry the flame. [Continue Reading…]

Producer / Assistant Director

In case you haven’t heard, one of our Pursuers of Sexiness, Sasheer Zamata, is about to take over SNL! Watch her in her very own series before you see her on Saturday Night Live.

Episode 4: Sheer starts seeing a gentlemen. Things don’t go exactly as planned. [Continue Reading…]

Assistant Director

Congrats to Sasheer Zamata on being cast on SNL! Watch the web series we created before you see her on Saturday Night Live.

Episode 6: Nicky and Sheer become subway dancers. Things don’t go exactly as planned.  [Continue Reading…]

Producer / Assistant Director

A warm congratulations to Sasheer Zamata on making the ranks of SNL! Watch the series we made before she premiers on Saturday Night Live.

Episode 5: Nicky gets laid! Things don’t go exactly as planned [Continue Reading…]

Producer / Assistant Director

Woohoo! In REAL NEWS, co-creator/star Sasheer Zamata has been hired as a cast member on SNL! Binge watch these now before she hits the big time on Saturday Night Live.

Episode 3: Nicky and Sheer try to find dates on Facebook. Things don’t go exactly as planned. [Continue Reading…]

Assistant Director

Update! Our very own Sasheer Zamata will soon be seen on SNL! You heard that right- check out her antics here, then watch her make magic on Saturday Night Live.

Episode 2: Nicky and Sheer go to a Thrift Shop. Things don’t go exactly as planned. [Continue Reading…]

Producer / Assistant Director

In case you haven’t heard, Star and Co-Creator Sasheer Zamata has now joined the leagues of SNL!  Hurry up and catch up on these quick before she’s on your TV on Saturday Night Live!

Episode 1: It’s date night for Nicky and Sheer. Things don’t go exactly as planned. [Continue Reading…]

Assistant Director

I don’t care how many times you’ve heard the theme song to “Friends”, it never gets any easier to do “the clap”-that signature sound at the beginning that’s stumped many a frustrated listener.  Where did the clap come from? Who clapped it? And what was it like in the studio the day this poprock comet fell to Earth? [Continue Reading…]

Adrian Simon “Night Prowler” Music Video

Assistant Director

When Michael Deigh, a good friend and frequent collaborator, contacted me about an ambitious music video he was producing for Adrian Simon I was all ears. [Continue Reading…]

Assistant Director

Producer Andrew Flynn Soltys and Director Jake Honig have a wonderfully dark sense of humor and a knack for what makes great television.  When Marla Mindelle, star of Broadway’s hit musical “Sister Act” and [Continue Reading…]

Assistant Director

I’ve worked with Gabriella Moses and Lissette Feliciano (see “Cupid Academy”) on several art-heavy shoots, typically with one of us as director and the other two helping make the visuals come to life.  This time around I served as Gabby’s Assistant Director, to take a larger role in organizing and carrying out the shoot.  Las Mañanitas is the story of a young Dominican-American girl about to hold her Quinceanerra in 1961 [Continue Reading…]

SPEECHLESS Trailer from PaulBriganti on Vimeo.

Assistant Director

For Paul Briganti’s independent short “Speechless”, our cast and crew drove 180+ miles up to gorgeous Saratoga Springs, New York to tell the story of Dan, a bitter live-at-home twenty-something who finds himself in the awkward position of having to give the Best Man speech at the wedding of two estranged friends he wishes would just break up already.  It is a hilarious and touching story and I could not have Assistant Directed for a more talented and lovely group of people. [Continue Reading…]


Assistant Director

Raven Jensen and I have worked together on many NYU productions in various capacities, so when we found ourselves in the same Advanced Experimental Production class we decided to team up on eachother’s thesis films.  She Assistant Directed my upcoming film “Viral” and I Assistant Directed her film “Margot”, a minimalist, mood-driven short about a reporter  [Continue Reading…]