Episode 1 - Broken Artist // Starring: Jeremy Boros, Russell Peck, Sean Clark

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Creator (Writer/Director/Producer/Editor)

Soon after Instagram debuted it’s 15 second video feature, some fellow NYU grads and I created Artistically Challenged, an adventure-comedy series written, directed, and shot exclusively for Instagram, the first of it’s kind.

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The first seven episodes of the series premiered July 1st to an overwhelmingly positive response from fans and press and another episode each day until all 32 episodes of season one have aired.

Artistically Challenged was shot over two weeks throughout New York City in more than 20 locations with a volunteer crew of more than 25–including many NYU alumni and current students–and a cast of more than 30 people.

Each episode follows the story of Nick Romaine, a struggling young artist in New York City, who tells a small lie and becomes an overnight celebrity only to find that his success comes at a hefty price. Throughout the episodes, Nick scrambles through sticky situations with crazed fans, pirates, henchmen, eccentric collectors and powerful art dealers. Mary McCann, founding member of the Atlantic Theater Company in New York, stars in several episodes as Bonnie, the series’ cunning and ruthless villain.

You can see all of our episodes on our Instagram account @ACtheSeries

You can also see all of our behind-the-scenes photos, posters, storyboards, and much more on our website: www.ACtheSeries.com

Here’s what the press had to say:

“While a 15-second format also presented huge challenges, Boros, Arcabascio and Delmara were able to create entertaining episodes with a beginning, middle and abrupt cliffhanger endings that leave the viewer laughing and wanting to know what happens next.” – Miami Herald

“There’s an Instagram “television series” — and it’s about artists and the art world. It’s pretty funny.” – LA Times

“We highlighted the forward-looking comedians of Artistically Challenged, whose new 15-second “television” show is changing the medium of Instagram and Vine.” – Splitsider

“Artistically Challenged moves as fast as possible without leaving the viewer behind. It’s a daring, experimental strategy, and in this case, it has paid off.” – Tubefilter

“The series is as polished as any comedy sketch you’d see on TV” – Dazed

Watch it and take a look for yourselves!