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“Artistically Challenged”

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Goes live July 1st.

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Assistant Director

I had the great opportunity to team up with the Above Average team, Verizon (cable) and the very funny actor/writer/director duo Tripp&Tyler to create a series of 5 fake cheesy lawyer commercials, branded content promoting Version’s new DVR.  We shot back-to-back spots on [Continue Reading...]

Assistant Director

After Associate Producing and Producing for Improv Everywhere and the Deverge guys for a while, I got the incredible opportunity to help run an actual Improv Everywhere event and it was incredible.

The maestro of it all, Charlie Todd, describes it best on his site “We staged a fake [Olympic] torch run in the middle of Manhattan, giving random New Yorkers a chance to carry the flame. [Continue Reading...]


My writer pals and I were so excited about season 2 of Netflilx’s House of Cards that we decided to shoot our own trailer based on what Netflix might think it’s viewers wanted to see, the TONS OF DOG MURDER they couldn’t get enough of in season one. [Continue Reading...]

Producer / Assistant Director

In case you haven’t heard, one of our Pursuers of Sexiness, Sasheer Zamata, is about to take over SNL! Watch her in her very own series before you see her on Saturday Night Live.

Episode 4: Sheer starts seeing a gentlemen. Things don’t go exactly as planned. [Continue Reading...]

Writer/Director/Producer etc..

Talk shows are all about killing time in a joyful manner. When hosts run out of things to say they bring on guests. But what happens when the guests run out of things to say, like a gadget guru who’s forgotten to bring batteries? [Continue Reading...]